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Nicole Barre
Hypnotherapy & Life Coaching

Find clarity and support to walk the path you envision for yourself.

Would you like to see if we are a good match? 

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Rock Balancing

Personalized Coaching

Discover, Inspire and Embrace Your Authenticity.
Move forward with clarity and confidence as we use different tools to find your inspiration, foster new aligned ideas and create strategies for your goals and desires. When your way forward is clearly defined, its easy to have the new path naturally unfold.


I facilitate your desired outcomes by using different techniques. These techniques focus on shifting out of the old beliefs, ideas or thoughts, and facilitate your shift into what is aligned and true for you. In creating these shifts, it releases anything holding you back from reaching your objectives, goals and desires. 
Treatment is adapted to each individual and the number of sessions can vary for each client. Please ask about bundle prices.

Navigating in Woods
Undiscovered wilderness of unimaginable beauty_edited.jpg

Modality Blending

A personalized plan including; Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Meditation, and a variety of other therapies. Depending on your ambitions, goals and needs, we will adapt a program to suit you best.
Treatment is adapted to each individual and the number of sessions can vary for each client.

Guided Meditation

Find your inner peace with mediation. Create a grounded base to accept and integrate all parts of yourself. Gain self-love, self-compassion, inner awareness and alignment. Secondary benefits of mediation are vast such as stress reduction, decreasing negative thoughts, increasing patients and the outcome of an integrated mind, body and soul.

Meditation Class

Group Meditation

Relax, Centre, Ground and Align with me. The focus of each meditation class can be decided upon depending on the groups desire. Up to 10 participants maximum.

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