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Heal Your Mind with
Hypnotherapy & Life Coaching

Feeling lost? Stuck? Unhappy? Unsure of the path forward?
Move forward with ease and clarity.

If you have questions or want to see if we are a good match, please contact me for a free, confidential 30-minute consult @

1 587 338 6235


Hypnotherapy & Life Coaching

We have learned many beliefs and behaviors that don’t serve us anymore. They just help us keep circling back to the same issue. Such beliefs and behaviors leave us lacking, stuck or unhappy in areas of our lives.

Our beliefs and behaviors can be hard to change. The brain has gotten use to thinking and doing the same thing. It’s become unconsciously ingrained, like a train heading down the same tracks with no conductor to consciously drive it. To change these ‘train tracks’ on a conscious level takes a lot of time and work. In other words, to create a new belief and behavior, you need to create new neural pathways in the brain and start habitually using the new pathways, or train tracks.


To create and sustain these new neural pathways, you must repeatedly use the new ‘train track’ so that they become the new unconscious. As the new pathway becomes well used and strong, the brain starts to be unaccustomed to using the old pattern. It becomes weaker and weaker, like old train tracks that don’t get driven or maintained anymore. Together, with each session, we create new strong pathways.


With Life Coaching Tools, I will support you find your desires and create clear goals. With Hypnotherapy techniques, I am a guide to help you create the new patterns in your brain. With each session, we reinforce the new neural pathways so it can become the new strong unconscious habit and create the desire and movement forward you have come to me for.


I work with people with low self-confidence, anxiety, depression, negative self-talk, and feeling stuck or unsure of the path head into moving towards what is truly aligned for you. Support you to find your desires and move forward towards the new.

For a free, completely confidential, 30 minute consult, please contact me by email or phone.

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